How I Decorated my Apartment for Christmas (Dollar Tree and A.C. Moore) !!

Christmas time is absolutely one of my favorite times of year. I love the music and the smells and of course the cute decor I get to do. After Thanksgiving, I was itching to get to shopping for Christmas decor.

I’m all about being boujee on a budget so I headed straight for my local Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree always has amazing little Christmas decorations. They have ornaments, lights, fake flowers, wrapping paper and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Literally just one little section of what Dollar Tree has to offer


Conveniently right next door is my local A.C. Moore. A.C. Moore is like your typical Michael’s, Hobby Lobby craft store in Knoxville. They always have amazing prices and I’m a member of their loyalty program so I always get great deals. You know when you go into a craft store and you end up with things you definitely don’t need but are so stinkin cute? Yeah, that’s me every time I go here.

Here I got my mini Christmas tree and wreath along with other cute little details. I was going for a rustic Christmas look this year (think burlap, pinecones, and plaid).

I ended up with a nice sized haul of adorable Christmas stuff!

Look how cute this little Dollar Tree owl is!

Bought these without knowing exactly how I would use them but had to have ’em

After laying out everything, I got to work! Scroll below for pictures of the finished project!

The cutest rustic mini Tree I ever did see

” Be merry and stay that way” – wise words from a $4 A.C. Moore find

The cutest chalkboard countdown from A.C. Moore for TWO DOLLARS! Can’t beat that

One sneaky way to throw in some Christmas cheer is to switch out your normal kitchen towels for festive ones


I had tons of funs decorating my small space for the holidays. I will definitely be spending a lot more time in the living room with my tiny tree that makes me feel so happy just by looking at it. Hope this post provided some great tips for the holiday season.

Be merry and stay that way!


Brianna Joi


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