Beauty Aphrodite Eyeshadow Review

I recently stumbled up a website/app called Hush where there’s a HUGE selection of makeup products for amazing prices. It is also a super easy app. They have drugstore products and a selection of high end products as well.

As I was browsing I came across an eyeshadow palette that was calling my name! The Aphrodite Eyeshadow palette was on sale for $10 and the shades looked extremely similar to the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette. The only difference was the price! Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette is on the Sephora website for $65.

I am IN LOVE with this palette! The swatches were smooth and so pigmented. The palette consists of 18 shadows: 10 mattes, 2 shimmers, and 6 glitter shades. The mattes were extremely buttery and the shimmers and glitters were smooth and pigmented. The shade range has everything you may need to complete a full eye look. It has the mattes you need for crease and transition shades and the glitters and shimmers are perfect lid shades.

Shades from Left to Right: Sparks, Tease, Admire, Flirt, Lust, Romance, Admire, Crush, Passion, Blushing, Seduction, Jealousy, Infatuation, Beauty, Euphoria, Love, Coy, Heartbreak

After swatching I had to put the eyeshadows to the test!

For my eye look, I used the shade Admire for my transition shade, Jealousy in my crease and Love on my lid. I popped Tease on my browbone and inner tear duct for a little highlight.

The eyeshadows blended well and the glitter shades were best applied with my finger. It was super easy and quick to pull this eye look together!

The look was not complete without  “Ace” by Crv$tal Lashes. These lashes are amazing, affordable and can be worn several times. You can use code JOI at checkout for 20% off.

Overall, I am please with my experience and will definitely be purchasing again. The shipping was fast and you just can’t resist those prices!

Have you ever ordered off of What should I get next?


Brianna Joi